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Episode 1

Hyper-Real Prototyping

by Bryce LIM & Bing Jun GOH

How did Bryce and Bing Jun get Midjourney to create restrained and beautiful aesthetics in detailed watches and expressive furniture forms? The secret lies in a clever way to choose and combine input images of certain characteristics. Find out exactly what these parameters are in this video.

Episode 2

Controlling Expressiveness & Feasibility

by Kristy TAN & Sheryl CHEONG

What is the secret sauce that Kristy and Sheryl used to control the design expression in sneakers and car seats? Find out in this video.

Episode 3

Getting Serendipitous Product Ideas

by Sharon LEE & Sophia CHIN

Sharon and Sophia used a Chat-GPT, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion in combination to serendipitously explore product ideas. This was faster and more systematically creative than they had done before. Find out how in this video.

Episode 4

Aesthetics for UI & Objects

by Dawn CHAN & Jerome WONG

Jerome Wong and Dawn Chan tell us how to get the most out of AI with a different way to see this collaborative relationship. They demonstrate it in both Chat-GPT and Midjourney.

Episode 5

Designing with Context

by Suzie KWAN & Geraldine TONG

Geraldine Tong and Suzie Kwan show us how to use generated environments to influence the objects designed, and also how to place the objects designed into generated environments.

Episode 6 – Coming Soon

Object Form + Food Design

by Eponine TAN & Min Xiang KOH

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Episode 7 – Coming Soon

Discovering User Interface Functionality

by Wing CHAN & Jia Ying CHAN

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Episode 8 – Coming Soon

Physical Interaction + Interiors

by Dilon LOW & Tze Yang TEO

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Episode 9 – Coming Soon

Disrupting Form in Products


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Episode 10 – Coming Soon

Visualising Product Mechanism

by Dylan TAN & Yu Wei WANG

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